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Saturday, September 18, 2010


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I think this is an excellent idea. Last year for Christmas I asked my husband to buy me a sewing machine. I have never sewn anything except for a button. I never took Home Economics in high school (I opted for the business class instead) because I was never going to get married or have children. Now I'm a stay at home mom, married, with 3 kids. I really wish I took HomeEc now!!! :)I've always wanted to learn to sew. I am declaring that I will sew my husband something for Christmas!

Robin Danzak

Hey Audra! i think is this whole thing is an awesome idea, and i actually DO make a lot of homemade gifts. :) the last two years for xmas i made biscotti, then candy, for friends and colleagues. i love to paint bisque-ware, you know, personalize mugs and things for special people. i just painted a frame for my new soon-to-be-nephew and gave it to my sister at her baby shower (wish i had a pic). i also make comics and cards for other holidays. i stink at textile crafts, but i'd love to try something with glass, maybe jewelry or something... or go back to actually making ceramics, one of these days!

Amber Strocel

Hmmm. I'm trying to think of what's reasonable here. The truth is, I frequently WAY overdo it with my plans to make gifts, and then I end up at the mall at the last minute because I have to concede that 24 hours is not enough time to knit 2 socks.

How about this? I'll make one handmade gift for each of my kids (or a single large project to share), and handmade gifts of some kind for another 8 people. Who shall remain nameless, just now.

But as a caveat, I will also give myself permission to declare craft bankruptcy should my sanity appear to be at risk.


My goal is to make Christmas gifts for all eight of my nieces and nephews. If time, I will make one for each of my boys too. Gifts will probably be a combination of sewn and knitted items. Have some ideas. Will blog about it when I get a chance. Do you mind if I link to your blog when I do?


Hi Audra,
Great idea! I've just started to look for inspiration for homemade gifts this year, so I'd be grateful for a gentle kick every so often too!
a-m x


Great ideas ladies! Send pictures when you're finished!

Amber, if you're looking for a cool large project for your kids to share you should check out the article that Melissa Crowe wrote for Living Crafts. That giant felt-board house is adorable.

Haley, OF COURSE you can link to my blog!


A difficulty with gift buying is that there seems to be no end for whom you "need" to shop. Immediate family, extended family, friends, then neighbors, work gift exchanges... why not your favorite clerk at Drug Mart! This is very stressful on the mind, time and finances and pushes many people into making poor gift choices.

Overall I believe that there is a correlation between the quality of the gift and the level of relationship.
I think that if it isn't worth MAKING a gift for that person, then maybe a gift isn't appropriate for that relationship.

This year I won't give a gift to anyone for whom I wouldn't MAKE a gift. If I don't make the gift, I will KNOW the person who did. This way, I can trim the stress AND support local artists/ craftists.

(I like the word craftist.)


Does any one know where I can get instructions for a homemade LEGO Mindstorms robot with NXT micro-computer and touch sensors - the only thing my 10-year old son has wanted for years? Does it count if I give him something He can 'make'...? What about the stand-up paddle board that my daughter is asking for...?
Of course, I am being facetious... but, sadly, my middle-schoolers are too hip for felt.


Barbara you should get back into beading and make M some jewelry. I LOVE the necklaces that you made for my mom and I years ago! They were amazing!


Audra,I have been seriously inspired by your handmade adventure! I am traditionally a crafty person but my kids just sucked the energy out of me and confess, I've done very little creating the past few years. I have 2 projects (one for the family and one for my sister) in mind for Christmas but know I can do more. So, I say, in addition to the above mentioned two.. 3 more. So, 5 handmade gifts. And the one for my sister is directly inspired by your "Bunny" post! Thank you!

And, I found "LT's" comment very interesting. I will have to think about that some more.

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