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Thursday, September 23, 2010


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Their names on their dresses turned out beautifully. Matching sister kitties in matchy-matchy dresses are such a tribute to sisterhood. The fact that YOU made them, and Little Tiger values this must be very satisfying and motivating. Go, Audra, go!


They turned out great! The names look wonderful! I have tried to embroider names before and they never turn out very well. Any tips? Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog. I have accumulated quite a fabric stash. I buy 1/4 or 1/3 yd at a time of things that catch my eye. I only sew little things so it works out.


Haley, to get the names clear and even I printed them on tracing paper and pinned them to the pumpkin. Then I did a round of single stitch to get the outline of the names. After that I pulled the tracing paper away and filled in the spaces with stitches.


Very nice! I like how they turned out, and kudos on the embroidery. My embroidery always looks better in my head than it turns out in real life!

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