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Thursday, September 02, 2010


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Audra I totally get it, in fact I am half tempted to jump on board this experiment myself.


I admire what you are doing. How do you find the time?


I don't have any kiddos, but I totally get it. And, I think it's really cool that you've decided to do it. It's easy to get swept up the materialistic, consumer-baiting society that we are part of. It's easy to justify getting more stuff. So, it can take a conscious effort to step away from that. I'm sure it will truly affect your girls. Even if it's not a conscious understanding that they gain at this point, they will know in the long run that you've made things for them, crafted them yourself with love, and that will change who they are. I feel like I should make handmade for all of my gifts to everyone, but I don't.

Katie Bunsey

Well said - I love it! I think it will be an excellent creative outlet for you as well. I look forward to reading your stories and viewing the pictures of your handmade toys and crafts.


The best gifts that we can give to our loved ones are the gifts that can be put away each night... in our hearts, minds and memories.

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