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Thursday, April 21, 2011


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I know that John had more sleep issues as he got older and could imagine more bad things happening to him. Does that make sense? When children are younger they tend to not think too much about things that are scary or bad. I know that shows that he used to be fine watching then started causing bad dreams (like Scooby Doo). We had to remove some previously "okay" shows from his tv time.

jen oliver

Hmmm... Interesting perspective that too much TV can retrain our "soothe" muscles. Makes a lot of sense, actually. I'm pregnant with our first baby and I've felt so sick that almost all I could do for weeks on end was lay there and watch TV. Now, feeling better, I find it difficult to start any self-motivated projects that I normally would have enjoyed...It's a horrible feeling, and "restless" and "anxious are two adjective for it. When I feel like I'm losing it I'll often turn on the TV, which does occupy my brain for a few hours, but usually leave same feeling worse and more discouraged than before I did! Time to retrain...

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