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Saturday, June 25, 2011


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I really enjoy reading your stories about the girls' experiences. You have a wonderful outlook on parenting and childhood, and they're lucky that you have such a broad, flexible and thoughtful view of their growth and life in general.


Aw, thanks Addy! The girls have completely shaped my outlook. I take most of my cues from them.


It looks like a lot of fun and she is clearly enjoying it. Don't beat yourself up about going out to work. I worried about these things when my kids were smaller, now I know it isn't want counts but rather love and care and knowing they are safe and secure and have their parents' focus.


Thanks for your kind words Penbleth! I guess my problem is that I keep re-interpreting what a parent's focus is or is supposed to be. I need to remember that at this age what matters most is that they have my love and attention when I am with them. I think that sometimes, esp. with my youngest right now, that gets to be a challenge for me when dealing with challenging behavior. So then I want to be alone, but feel guilty and try to compensate by signing them up for different classes. It gets to be a vicious cycle.

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