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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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Mary Kate

I really enjoy reading your blog, Audra! You are inspiring me to do something fun and crafty just need to find the time. I think it is great that your daughters are enjoying the results of your work too. Such fun that you all share in it!


love to see all your craftiness!


Audra- please tell me you've heard of this mom:

She has great projects just like you do!
I love your class- and their bears- every time I've gone to the harvests there haven't been fabric much bigger than the sample books. I've used those for cubby tags, batik stamp prints on our Africa unit, reuse-able coffee sleeves, and still going. So glad you like supporting the ZeroLandfill project too! :)


I DO read and enjoy The Artful Parent, but thanks for telling me about it. I have her blog bookmarked. I really liked her recent post about creativity and where it comes from.

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