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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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great finds, Audra!


What lovely images. It's so interesting to learn how we change as we age, and our families and lives develop. The trims are just fabulous! I miss estate sales. I went all the time when I lived in Ohio. I never had enough room at home, but I was always on the lookout for kitchen bits, vintage clothes, books, and such. Vintage knitting needles, and souvenir plates, as well as Bakelite bangles were some of my favorite finds. The trim reminds me of a fabric headband that was my mother's which I wore for years in high school and college. It's nice to read your memory of the cray-pas, and must be nice for you to have remembered it. The dollhouses of course sound like they were really super, but we can't adopt every lonely doll... *sigh* I think we'd have fun hanging out these days.


Addy, I think we would have fun too! Do you ever visit up north? Are you coming to Wooster for our reunion? I am, but its not much of a drive for me. Mer Ridl and Kristina are planning on coming. We could ditch the class picture in favor of a treasure hunt through mid Ohio.


I would love to! A mid-Ohio treasure hunt would be so much fun. I do visit up north as often as I can. All of my family is still mostly in Akron. I moved down to Virginia in '08, so I still have friends up there that I like to see when I can. But with a job it can be tricky. I'd really like to come to the reunion, but I am getting married on June 20th. So, it kind of depends on how busy I am.



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