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Monday, August 13, 2012


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Love your creativity and all your finds. I say go with the first look for your table. I love it's delicious eclectic-ness. Just find a grout you like and you are set to go. If you decide to go with the square tiles, you might be able to frame them with a simple molding to fill in the extra space.


I love all of this. HONEYBEES!!! :D

Strap=canvas. Durable. Would match, texture-wise, to the woven bag. Maybe.

And I have a few tile table ideas. Depends on which one you want to go with- the tiles or the vinyl.


Thanks for your thoughts! I actually came into some other tile yesterday that I may want to use now instead. It is crazy small (just this side of goldfish aquarium gravel) but very pretty.

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